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  Sound Domes with LED Light
We offer our 20" and 30" Sound Domes with Motion Activation. 20" Sound Dome with LED Light
Model 7052-FP Light
30" Sound Dome with LED Light
Model 7053-FP Light

FP LED light add-on module ONLY comes pre-installed in the FP pod (See diagram to the left). This can ONLY be ordered with a new Sound Dome (20" or 30"). It cannot be retrofitted to existing units. This includes local LED output control or can be controlled globally via external control system (e.g. Lutron, AMX, Creston) Requires our additional 12v-15v Power Supply (Shown to the right). One power supply will run multiple accessory items.

This adds an additional $199.00 to the cost of either our 20" or 30" Sound Dome. The cost of our 12v Power Supply adds $79.

Click Image above to see a larger view   12v Power Supply  Cost: $79
For Motion Sensor &/or Light

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