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  Compact Digital Message Repeater Specifications
1  Message LED (Yellow) Indicates the message number selected by number of blinks.
2  Memory OK LED (Green) LED is ON if valid message is detected. Blinks if no files are detected by system.
3  Select Push Button Allows users to select the current message position to record info. or play from.
4  Start/Stop Push Button Starts or stops recording or playback based on current mode of system.
5  Record Push Button Activates record set up mode.
6  Line In Level Knob Adjusts the audio level of the line input.
7  Mic In Level Knob Adjusts the audio level of the microphone input.
8  Power Jack Insert power adapter (Sold separately).
9  Mic Input (1/8" Mini Jack) Connect low impedance microphone for local recording.
10  Line Input (RCA Jack) Connect line level audio input for local recording.
11  Line Output (RCA Jack) Audio output level of up to +3dB into 600 Ὠ. This is standard level for most applications.
12  Speaker Output Audio output level of up to 2.5W into 8Ohm. Use this if more drive is needed.
13  Remote I/O (6 pin) Provides remote access to start and stop control and play relay output.
14  Tone Adjust Knob Adjusts the Bass & Treble amount to deliver the best overall system performance.
15  Output Level Knob Adjusts the volume to both line level and speaker audio outputs.
16  Speaker Push Button Turns local monitor speaker On/Off.
17  Record LED (Red) Displays recording mode. Red light on indicates message is being copied.
18  Playing LED (Green) Green light is On when system is playing pre-recorded message.
19  USB Connector Audio files can be copied directly from a USB memory key to the systems internal memory.
20  Monitor Speaker Allows user to preview message play back.
 Audio Coding      Power Requirement  
 Method:  16 bit WAY    Input Voltage (Std):  12VDC, 1A (Speaker Out) or 250mA (Line out)
 Sample Rate:  44.1kHz    Connection:  2 Pin Pluggable Terminal
 Audio Quality      Controls & Status  (Manual)
 Dynamic Range:  80dB, Typical    Pushbuttons:  Record, Start/Stop, Select, Speaker
 Signal to Noise:  80dB, Typical    Status Indicators:  Memory OK, Message, Record, Play LED's
 Frequency Resp.:  100Hz to 15kHz    Remote Control I/O:  
 Audio Input      Control Inputs:  Start, Stop
 Line:  10k ohm, RCA    Status Outputs:  Playing Relay
  Level:  +3dBm max., potentiometer adjust    Output Type:  Dry relay contact. 1A @24VDC non-inductive
 Mic:  1.5k ohm, 1/8" mini jack    Connection:  6 pin Pluggable Terminal
  Level:  -30dBm max., potentiometer adjust    Mechanical:  
 Audio Output      Package:  Wall or table mount chassis
 Line:  600 ohm (+3dBm max.) RCA Jack    Material:  18 gauge cold rolled steel, painted
 Amplified:  4 watts into 4 ohm (Optional) 2 pin term    Rack Mount (Option)  1U adapter
 Level, Tone:  Potentiometer adjust      
 Internal:  For monitor purposes, fixed level    Regulatory Agencies:
 Audio Memory      FCC, Part 15, Class A; UL/CSA approval on external power pack
 (Power pack sold separately)
 Type:  SD Card  
 Capacity:  1gb min., providing 16+ hrs. playback      
 Digital Transfer:  USB Memory Key, High Speed      

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