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  Digital Message Repeater

Anywhere or anytime our Compact Digital Message Repeater (CDMR) is a reliable way to get an audio announcement where you need it, when you need it. Our Message Repeater allows the user to record hours of crystal clear audio. Once recorded, the unit may be triggered to playback via contact closure from a push button (Not included), motion sensor (Not included) or other control device.

It's small size allows it to be placed almost anywhere. Non-volatile flash memory means your message will retain even during a power outage (Durable!). Built-in amplifier allows the unit to drive a speaker directly in close proximity applications.

Our Message Repeater is able to store up to 4 individual messages. Sequencing mode allows each trigger to play the next message until it reaches the last, then it will start over with your first message. Standard mode allows it to play the same message each time the unit is triggered.

  *On board recording capability
*Up to 15k Hz Bandwidth
*Crystal Clear 16bit MP3 Sound
*Digital Transfer via USB

*Record via Line or Microphone
*Line level output
*Speaker Output (4 watts)
*Multi-message capability

*Over 16 hours of storage
*Non-Volatile SD Card Memory
*Compact Size
*Rugged metal enclosure
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